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Ailments treated by acupuncture include:

~ Back, neck, knee, shoulder pain

~ Sciatica, carpel tunnel syndrome

~ Sprains, strains & auto injuries

~ Concussion

~ Headaches / migraines

~ Arthritis, edema

~ Autoimmune disorders

~ Fibromyalgia

~ PMS, menopause & infertility

~ Weight control & cravings

~ Acne, psoriasis


~ Depression

~ Anxiety

~ Mental health

~ Smoking & addictions

~ Allergies, asthma, colds & flus

~ Anxiety, depression & stress

~ ADHD, panic disorder

~ Sleep disorders & fatigue

~ Digestive issues / constipation

~ Bell’s Palsy & paralysis

~ Diabetes

~ Blood pressure & cholesterol

~ Anti-aging

~ Migraines

~ Neurological issues & memory

~ Parkinson's disease

~ Alzheimer's disease

Acupuncture is highly beneficial as it cures & prevents illnesses and promotes physical & mental wellness. A licensed practitioner should always conduct your treatment.
It is highly effective for treating numerous chronic illnesses, including arthritis & migraines. Acupuncture is also great for relieving stress & other mental health concerns. It releases endorphins & relaxes you, which helps elevate your mood. Using acupuncture to manage stress can lead to a more robust personal & spiritual life.
Acupuncture assists patients by promoting the practice of good physical & emotional health. Using acupuncture in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle can lead to positive, lifelong results.

Veteran Care

OMD PEACE ACUPUNTURE is proud to offer a specialized and compassionate service tailored to meet the unique needs of our nation's veterans who are struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Our dedicated and experienced acupuncturist recognizes the profound challenges that veterans face when dealing with the aftermath of their service. We are committed to providing a holistic and effective approach to help alleviate the physical and emotional burdens of PTSD.


We accept  VA Health Care and are also committed to collaborating with veterans' healthcare providers and support networks to offer a comprehensive approach to PTSD care. We believe that by working together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of those who have served our country.

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