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Ailments treated by acupuncture include:

~ Back, neck, knee, shoulder pain

~ Sciatica, carpel tunnel syndrome

~ Sprains, strains & auto injuries

~ Headaches / migraines

~ Arthritis, edema

~ Autoimmune disorders

~ Fibromyalgia

~ PMS, menopause & infertility

~ Weight control & cravings

~ Acne, psoriasis

~ Smoking & addictions

~ Allergies, asthma, colds & flus

~ Anxiety, depression & stress

~ ADHD, panic disorder

~ Sleep disorders & fatigue

~ Digestive issues / constipation

~ Bell’s Palsy & paralysis

~ Diabetes

~ Blood pressure & cholesterol

~ Anti-aging

Acupuncture is highly beneficial as it cures & prevents illnesses and promotes physical & mental wellness. A licensed practitioner should always conduct your treatment.
It is highly effective for treating numerous chronic illnesses, including arthritis & migraines. Acupuncture is also great for relieving stress & other mental health concerns. It releases endorphins & relaxes you, which helps elevate your mood. Using acupuncture to manage stress can lead to a more robust personal & spiritual life.
Acupuncture assists patients by promoting the practice of good physical & emotional health. Using acupuncture in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle can lead to positive, lifelong results.

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