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A variety of services are available through OMD Peace. A consultation & evaluation are always conducted for new patients to create the best treatment plan for your needs. To find out more about treatment visits, please click here.


Read on to understand more about the services available:



Acupuncture utilizes small needles inserted into targeted areas of the body to stimulate & release energy from specific points. There are over one thousand points along the fourteen meridian pathways that can be stimulated to restore balance & good health.



Herbal supplements in the form of powders, pills & teas are customized & prescribed for patients as needed. 



Cupping therapy is used to move blood, relieve muscle & ligament pain & ward off illness. Small plastic cups are placed on the skin creating suction.



In addition to needling, heat is applied to certain acupuncture points to promote circulation & warm the body.



In addition to needling, a small electrical current is applied to selected needles to enhance treatment. Electro-Acupuncture has been proven to decrease pain, accelerate tissue healing, and significantly reduce inflammation, edema, and swelling.



Facial rejuvenation acupuncture can enhance your physical appearance and treat the signs of aging. Cosmetic acupuncture can soften lines, firm jowls & under-eye sagging. Cosmetic acupuncture increases circulation and stimulates collagen production. Think of it as an inside-out beauty treatment -- better than botox.

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